The Foundations of
How to Master the Sales Game

Master the Basics

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As with most things in sales, the outcome is not based on one single thing or action, but a series of connected and incremental factors, executed simultaneously that lead to results. These BASIC Fundamentals set the foundation for builder higher levels of skills, knowledge and capabilities setting the scene for success.

At the heart of this is having a clearly defined, better yet, clearly “follow-able” process.

When in doubt, go back to basics, work your process. If you are a successful sales person, one that usually makes budget, and you have done that by sticking to your game plan, based on a clear road map, highlighting desired outcomes, paths to that outcome, contingency plans, high pay off activities and more; then you know that what got you there. Your process! Your consistent execution, your success, especially when almost half your peers are not making budget, is all driven by your process built on a foundation of basics. At a time of struggle, don’t abandon it, double down, recommit and execute the basics………..This isn’t about blind faith.

Mark Lenthanll

Mark Lenthall

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