Richard Hinz CPA

Richard Hinz CPA

I am a CPA Accountant with 15 years public practice experience and as such we are consistently approached by consultants for referrals. Until I had met Mark I was less than happy with the knowledge and practical experience of most business consultants.

I have found Mark to possess the knowledge and skills that would normally only be found in multinational executives. In saying this Mark possesses an innate ability to apply this knowledge to the small to medium business environment. I have found that he understands the resource challenges of small business and is able to adapt his knowledge and apply it to the real world.

Mark is a client of mine however I have also employed his services to assist me improve my business.

Previously I chased work on lead generation websites such as Quotify. Normally with little success and having to compete heavily on price. Since employing Mark’s services our Leads are mostly coming from the website Mark helped redesign. Our leads from the website have increased 400% and they are better quality clients. Furthermore Mark has helped us implement a sales system that has improved our conversion rate from 15% to around 75% of all of our leads. This sales system has also helped increase our prices by 30% and more in some cases.

We are now in the process of streamling our internal processes to gain efficiencies, improve service standards and double our profitability.

I have the utmost faith in his advice and knowledge and his assistance has helped me improve my business sales process substantially. I have so much confidence in his ability that I now refer my clients to him to help them improve their business processes.

I have no hesitation in recommending Mark to any future client, Big or Small.