Peter Saunders

Peter Saunders

I have utilised Marks service in both a retail and B2B environments and found Marks processes direct and results orientated. Marks driving phrase is, “ Results are preceded by activities and the quality and quantity of the activity with determine the quality and quantity of the results. Once customised processes were in place the level of control and confidence grew to a point where the businesses were now looking for areas of incremental growth instead of simply surviving.

A key learning for myself was that Marks proven evidence based processes were highly transferable across the diverse businesses that make up the group and our greatest competitor was in fact ourselves with self-imposed limitations based on a history of results.

Our B2B businesses increased turnover by an average of 120% over a 2 year period while a proportional bottom line increase resulted without increasing costs. This was achieved through an increase in both the effectiveness and efficiencies of processes Marked developed specifically for our businesses. This enabled us to penetrate market segments that we had not been able to previously succeed in which opened up opportunities to diversify with additional products into those new markets.

All businesses within the group are not only in control but feel in control that they can both determine and influences positive outcomes that are reflected not only in the bottom line but is also evident in the substantial cultural shift towards a winning, successful, self-managing culture, a true team environment.

If you want to change the culture of your business to self-sustaining winning culture then I would highly recommend Marks services.