Jason Edwards

Jason Edwards

“ I have been working with Mark Lenthall & Predictable Success for a number of months.

In that time we have successfully developed & implemented many new procedures, controls & an ideology which have had a marked effect on our business. From a completely new sales structure incorporating a new methodology & levels of accountability, to affirming a positive culture & an increased belief in not only our business but the team members who are the key to our success, Mark has been able to find & exploit areas of deficiency that allow us to gain fast & positive results. The analysis & input we received from Mark lead to an instant jump in sales conversion of 25% within the first 3 months & has continued on an upward trend, meaning not only did we receive an instant boost to our revenue, but it is sustainable.

The resulting efficiencies equated to an increase in productivity, so not only are we converting at a higher rate, but we are seeing 20% more potential clients per month without taxing our team.

One of the keys to the success of our partnership is that Mark provides measureable proof of what can be achieved instead of "guestimates" or fanciful figures. Timelines for achievement are realistic & the measuring tools sensible. By using all of the tools & equipment Mark made available or designed, we have been able to determine that we have achieved to date a 27% overall increase in revenue, a 7% drop in our churn rate & our client satisfaction scores have increased by 35%. The change in our business is inspiring.

I have found Mark to be an analyst & coach who has taken the time to investigate & understand our business. This has resulted in a distinctly tailored approach instead of just trying to carbon copy what may have been used previously. Mark becomes part of the team which allows him to work on the business from within as well as allowing for external analysis.

With the assistance of Mark Lenthall & Predictable Success, we are well on our way to solidifying our position in the market & in fact, growing rapidly to meet our potential as well as investigating new market possibilities.

I could not recommend Mark Lenthall & Predictable Success highly enough as I can attest the dramatic improvement that can be directly attributed to Mark’s involvement in our business.