David Walker

David Walker

Mark’s ability to identify gaps in a business’s sales process and implement strategies and processes on improving results is second to none. I have worked with Mark since 2004 and he drives accountability throughout the team by identifying what are the day to day “high pay off activities” that deliver revenue, and develops a set of KPI’s and sales processes and market strategy to take a company to the next level. I have seen Mark take average performers and turn them into elite sale force and accountable sales managers delivering results previously not thought possible.

In a single 2 year period Mark developed and authored a comprehensive sales, management and product manual that resulted in the Queensland operation increasing their turnover from 12 Million to 25 Million per year, conversions rates doubled from an average of 30% to over 50% while increasing average sale value by 120% and discount rates halved.

These results could not have been achieved without Marks personal and passionate involvement in all stages and departments of the business including but not limited to, defining, refining, testing and documenting processes, training, integration and implementation of same resulting in a cohesive high performance culture where glass ceilings were regularly broken and increasing expectations and market challenges were welcomed.

He gives honest and sometimes direct feedback, but earns the greatest respect from anyone he comes in contact with. If you want your business to reach it’s full potential while being in control off delivering both sustainable and consistently growing results then I would strongly recommend Predictable Successes complete services.

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