Sales Performance

Sales Performance

Sales Performance

Are you limited by an industry ‘glass ceiling’ that prevents your company from delivering the results you want? Are you following a bench mark somebody else set for what can be achieved to become the industry leader in performance, productivity and continuing growth?

Learn new powerful strategies that will help you achieve goals you once thought to be unattainable.
When sales are low and there are cash flow problems, it’s usually the sales force who get the blame. But in reality, the root cause is often company policies, a lack of employment engagement, training, motivation - or even inadequate reporting systems.

A high-performance sales team must have complete confidence in the product, the company and their own ability - or they could not perform at that level.

When an owner or manager is truly in control of their sales team, they will have the confidence to deliver revenue expectations and should at any point be able to answer the 6 following questions:

  1. WHO are we going to see? 
  2. WHY are we seeing them? 
  3. WHEN are we seeing them? 
  4. WHAT do we hope to achieve? 
  5. HOW are we going to get them to purchase from us, now or in the future? 
  6. WHY are they going to purchase from us?

To have control and influence over hitting your sales targets, you must ask these six questions of your sales team and they must be able to answer them.

Predictable Success help businesses who can’t confidently answer those questions to uncover the reasons for this. Too many organizations place the blame for flagging sales squarely at the feet of their sales people, ignorant of the fact that the business must support the sales team with fact-based processes and strategies.

These processes and strategies will create a clear sense of purpose for the sales team, allowing them to effectively control results, driving continued success to the organization.

Our goal at Predictable Success is to help you develop a high-performance sales team that can deliver on the business’s expectations and continue to build momentum. Goals once thought to be unattainable, will become realistic and very achievable.

The results your team gets are always proportional, in both quality and quantity, to the work you put in. If you plan your sales activities with purpose and intent - and are actioned effectively and efficiently, you will achieve consistent and sustainable revenue outcomes.

Barriers to success

In nine out of every ten businesses, the barriers to success are internal rather than external. When organizations have the perception that it is an external problem stopping them, such as unfair competition or market regulation, it results in self-limiting behaviour and attitudes.

A sales team that sees their rewards as disproportionate to the effort they have to put in, the business is probably setting expectations that exceed their capabilities, knowledge and/or skills. No salesperson enjoys working significantly harder than they should. They don’t feel in control, the returns are underwhelming and this has a negative impact on their motivation.

Overcoming those barriers

Predictable Success will help you remove those barriers to success simply by helping you change your systems, processes and strategies - and then aligning your staff to these changes. We’ll work with you to empower your sales team with the relevant skills and knowledge to achieve successful outcomes.

We’ll also help them become self-motivated and to work independently. This approach – independent, with transparent responsibility and accountability, will create a solid foundation for a high-performing team.

We’ll also help you develop customised key performance indicators (KPI’s) based on your industry and company-specific criteria. This will ensure your team’s efforts are aligned with the strategic goals of your business.

Our structured, measurable and actionable step-by-step process will give you total control of your sales results. Enabling you to meet and even exceed revenue expectations.

When your team sees comparable reward for their effort - and truly understands the goals of the business, you will have a high-performance sales team that achieves the budget, consistently, month after month.

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