Pre-employment testing

Pre-employment testing

Pre-employment testing

An organization is only as good as its people. Hiring and retaining the best talent is critical to the future of your company.

By hiring the wrong people, you disrupt the dynamics of teams and end up with high levels of employee disengagement, low productivity and even in worst cases, employee fraud. The quality of products and services goes down, as does customer service, you lose customers and your best people become frustrated and you have a difficult time retaining them.

Resumes and job interviews often don’t tell you what you really need to know about a candidate. How can you be sure you’re getting an accurate picture of a person’s strengths and weaknesses? How can you judge the possible long-term value they might bring to your team?

Our pre-employment psychometric tests make the selection process highly objective, giving you confidence that you have always found the best person for the role

Predictable Success uses the latest in best practice recruitment systems and processes, proven over many years, to provide in-depth, valuable information that is critical for the selection process. We can help you develop a tailored system of assessment tools including personality profile, emotional intelligence assessments, personnel specifications assessments, appraisal techniques, interviewing techniques and more. With this toolbox you are better equipped to:

  1. Choose candidates who can cope with the demands of the role 
  2. Identify candidates that best fit your company culture 
  3. Identify candidates with the right skills, knowledge and level of motivation 
  4. Understand what drives a candidate towards being successful 
  5. Boost employee retention and stability and improve overall productivity 
  6. Reduce the cost and time impact of hiring the wrong candidate 
  7. Identify future business leaders in succession planning.

It is also important to identify key talent within your existing work force, then support and retain these people.

When Predictable Success become involved in the recruitment process, we show you how to utilise proven evaluation methods that support retaining high-performing team members while highlighting possible developmental considerations in the selection process.

To give you a better idea of the depth on information this process can deliver, Predictable success can take you through some sample assessment reports.

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