Customer Acquisition & Development

Customer Acquisition & Development

Customer Acquisition & Development

Do you have a New Customer Acquisition Strategy in place? You should do, if you want to remain in business for the long term!

We will help you access new market and category segments while continuing to grow returns from current customers. This will be achieved by developing customised, targeted and tactical initiatives. This process will deliver greater level of efficiencies and control over all business generation activities, allowing you to forecast increasing revenue more accurately and with confidence.

Customers are the lifeblood of your business and unless you continue to acquire more customers and strengthen your relationship with them, you run the risk of fading into obscurity.

In our experience, companies frequently underestimate their potential to attract new business, resulting in an artificial barrier to business growth.

Predictable Success will show you how to target and win new business through a combination of tactical initiatives and enhanced performance.

There is a saying that perception is reality. Perceptions are undoubtedly powerful, but they can also be illusions. Are perceptions stopping your business from growing to the next level?

In our experience, many small-to-medium businesses underplay opportunities to grow existing markets or to successfully expand into new ones. These self-perpetuating limitations can cause a growing business to plateau, or cause a struggling business to stall, in the belief that it’s simply too hard to grow any further.

This descends into blame and excuses, which are usually rooted in past experiences.

But if it’s only a mindset that’s holding you back, this can easily be overcome. Using evidence-based methodologies, Predictable Success can change the way you look at the future and allow your business to flourish. The best place to start is to complete a business and market assessment, allowing you to find, target and respond to untapped markets - while continuing to develop increasing business within your current customer base.

We’ll look at factors such as:

  1. Economic and competitive factors 
  2. Category dynamics 
  3. Customer expectations 
  4. Identifying opportunities 
  5. Strategic development 
  6. People development 
  7. Brand awareness 
  8. Implementation of customer service strategies.

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