Marketing and Advertising Strategy and Positioning

Marketing and Advertising Strategy and Positioning

Marketing and Advertising Strategy and Positioning

Marketing and advertising are critical for the survival of any business, but most business owners don’t do them well. Look at any industry and you’ll see the same tired old advertising methods – with everybody simply following what their competitors are doing.
To advertise and market effectively, we must not just navigate the exploding media landscape, but more importantly, understand key drivers in both peoples and business buying patterns and motivation, what gets their attention in the context of a world gone mad with choices and accessibility.

Predictable Success will work with your business to develop a customised marketing strategy, which takes advantage of current market place opportunities. We will build brand advocacy and awareness, to stand out in an already cluttered market place.

This is an opportunity to "break from the pack", and be seen as a truly innovative and preferred supplier of both products and services.

Customers are the lifeblood of any business and Marketing and Advertising are essential to keep a steady flow of new customers coming in and to ensure existing customers continue to purchase

In an increasingly competitive and fragmented media environment, it is crucial that your business presents a strong, consistent brand image, differentiating itself from your competitors.

So how we do this?

Simply by leveraging the two main pillars of marketing and advertising: Through ACTIVE marketing such as television, tabloid and online advertising. And through PASSIVE marketing, utilising the power of referrals and our hard-earned reputation.

Predictable Success will guide you through the twists and turns and help you plan and implement marketing and advertising that brings you an outstanding return on investment.

Strategic advertising and marketing remains a powerful tool to build your brand and win new business in both the retail and B2B spaces.

Consider these benefits:

  1. A stronger and growing brand presence and value Increased web traffic, resulting in more enquiries. 
  2. Becoming a preferred supplier of choice. 
  3. Achieving a higher number of referrals and recommendations. 
  4. Increases in sales to existing customers.
  5. Opportunities to diversify and sell more to existing customers. 
  6. Attract customers who are driven less by price and more by value. 
  7. Reduced discounting and still achieve higher conversion rates. 
  8. Choosing the right media to deliver the message to your target market.

Where and how should you advertise? What media is your target market consuming? These are increasingly challenging questions for small to medium businesses in a fragmented media world.

To answer these questions, we need to consider a range of factors, including economic conditions, competitor activity and especially changes in marketing trends in the new arenas of digital and online.

Traditional marketing approaches in old media vehicles are not as powerful as they once were – Online/digital is now a major platform and marketing spend by small businesses in this medium is now often greater than in radio, newspapers, magazines or local TV.

In a media environment increasingly characterised by interruption, you need to be involved in the right channels to get effective saturation and coverage. So to help your business direct its spending on those mediums which will make the most impact, Predictable Success has partnered with a specialist Brisbane-based media agency. This agency has a reputation for providing value, quality advice and recommendations that deliver measurable results.

The power of word of mouth

A marketing spend is not the only way to win new customers. Despite the media and digital marketing revolution taking place around us, referral and word-of-mouth can still be of enormous benefit to your business.

People are one of greatest marketing resources you have, both your staff and your customers/clients. There are many touch points where your people, existing customers and others involved in the business can spread the word - that your business is different and worthy of consideration.

This happens naturally for a high performing business due to factors such as:

  1. High performing and truly professional salespeople who deliver expert advice and service. 
  2. Superior customer service at all levels within your business, differentiating you from your competitors. 
  3. A culture within your business that amplifies the reason you are “THE preferred business of choice”.
  4. Products and services with a reputation for delivering great value within the marketplace. 

Let Predictable Success help you make your marketing work harder – whether it’s smarter media choices for your paid marketing or developing your brand’s word-of-mouth potential.

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