Employee motivation and development

Employee motivation and development

Employee motivation and development

Employee engagement is critical to your success. But how do you succeed with just 24% of your workforce fully engaged, 60% doing as little as possible and 16% actively working against you? (These are the average Australian engagement levels from Gallup, who have been tracking them since 2000.)

Without an engaged and committed workforce you are unlikely to achieve any goals you set for your company. So it is critical we assist you in building on the potential of every individual in your business team - while understanding the correlation between planning, performance and people - potentially your greatest asset.

As the saying goes, “Knowledge is power”. So naturally a smart, educated, knowledgeable sales team is a far more successful one.

Predictable Success will work with you to design an employee program for your business that motivates and drives success through better knowledge. We’ll help build a knowledge base for your sales team that creates confidence and self-belief, especially when facing challenging market conditions.

We focus on the following key areas for your team:

  • Enhancing their personal power 
  • Reprograming their mind and body 
  • Reframing negative thoughts and experiences 
  • Banishing failure from their vocabulary 
  • Creating their own compelling future 
  • Establishing new beliefs 
  • Creating a positive mindset 
  • Modeling their mental and physical success patterns 
  • Controlling the messages their mind sends to their body 
  • Helping them motivate and persuade others 
  • Connecting with absolutely everyone 
  • Promoting self-determination through accountability and responsibility.

We first need to established that you have the right people in the right roles for the right reasons – as all the knowledge in the world is of little use to your business otherwise.

Then after evaluating each employee’s fit within you company, Predictable Success works with you to tailor an employee development program for your business - This process also focuses on aspects of changing your company’s culture.

Finally, employee motivation and development is incomplete without looking closely at work-life balance: relationships, career, family and children, health, friend, personal growth, professional growth, alone time and playtime.

It’s vital that employees believe you are genuinely interested in helping them achieve and maintain a balance, and that the mix is productive for both parties.

Let Predictable Success help you create more motivated employees. They’ll be your ambassadors, they’ll motivate others, and most importantly they’ll help you sustain revenue and hit your sales targets.

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