Customer Service And Relationship Development

Customer Service And Relationship Development

Customer Service And Relationship Development

Customer service and relationship development is vital for your long term survival, but it is probably the area most neglected by Australian businesses. It is much cheaper to sell to existing customers than it is to acquire new customers, but most companies don’t bother. According to a recent Bain & Company study, 60-80% of customers who describe themselves as satisfied do not return to the company that satisfied them. Why? Because they have probably forgotten who that company was and the company did not bother developing a relationship with them.

Companies that exceed customer’s expectations, follow up their customers and reward their loyalty can leverage customer service as a key differentiator in the market – Helping them stand out from competitors and even take market share from them.

Our role is to guide you towards more rewarding customer relationships which can be used a selling tool and a means of keeping your own customers, while taking customers from your competitors.

Companies that exceed customer’s expectations and reward customer
 loyalty can leverage customer service as a key differentiator in the 

The art of winning and keeping customers has changed quite dramatically since the GFC. Is your business meeting them?

Customers now have significantly higher service expectations than they used to, partly due to the internet. Customers can easily access product reviews and directly compare different products and businesses.

While price remains a key buying consideration, they are now more interested in a broader value-based proposition – price, product quality, and the service they receive before, during and after the sale.

So a company that exceeds customer expectations can develop this as a key differentiator to help increase sales in a competitive market.

Starting with a customer service evaluation assessment, Predictable Success will work with key stakeholders within your business to develop programs and systems to continually grow the standard of customer service.

We’ll work with you to improve:

  • Profiting from quality value based customer service
  • Turning challenges into opportunities, new customers, repeat trade, referrals. 
  • Managing quality customer service - The WHY and the HOW 
  • Charging more and still attracting and retaining customers – (changing from cost focused to investment focused). 
  • Keeping customers coming back for additional services and products 
  • Creating profit from problems by engaging customers as their one stop solutions provider. 
  • Motivating your staff to really care and rewarding them accordingly 
  • Guaranteeing customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty 
  • Dealing with difficult customers – retaining them and keeping them happy. 
  • Turning customer service into referrals to stimulate repetitive business


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