Business coaching and mentoring

Business coaching and mentoring

Business coaching and mentoring

When you engage a business coach or mentor, you need to check that they have real-life practical experience. Ensure they’re not just working on textbook theory, but they have been there in the trenches, faced all kinds of adversaries and succeeded.

A coach with real life experience will really understand your situation and keep you on the path to success. They will be able to pick up things a textbook coach will miss – those subtle things that make all the difference in the world when it comes to succeeding in business.

Predictable Success brings you experienced coaches and mentors, who have been in the trenches and will work with you to build a strong strategic plan that influences and improves your corporate culture.

We’ll help you demand excellence from your team, by raising the bar and creatively seeking improvements. You’ll become a catalyst to lead, nurture and guide your team members to do the same. We will guide you through this process step by step. 

You benefit from our Extensive Experience

Predictable Success draws on the extensive experience and skills of its team across a diversified industry base.

We help you set new standards of excellence. Many business owners enjoy initial success when they start, but reach a point where they plateau and growth stalls. The market changes, or a new competitor begins taking market share and business owners find that doing the same thing no longer works.

When you’re faced with this situation, we help you identify what you need to do differently. What is working and you need to do more of - and what is not working, so you can stop those practices.

But this is only step one. You then communicate this solution to your team and make success predictable by breaking down your new systems into easily actionable and measurable components. You remain in control and continue to make all the decisions, while we simply guide you through this process step by step.

You can never underestimate the value in having someone with experience ‘third-eye’ your business. We give you a valuable outside perspective on what’s going wrong – and right – with your business. You’ll gain the skills and knowledge you need to plan and drive ongoing improvements, innovations and operational excellence.

You’ll have the tools to generate outstanding results and return control of the business back to you and your people.

Business coaching and mentoring can help you to:

  1. Take control of your business, learning to determine and influence your desired outcomes.
  2. Create an environment and culture of excellence with your team, ensuring they care about the quality of their activities.
  3. Create a better relationship with your customer base, generating more sales and higher value purchases.
  4. Encourage and support positive behaviour using both self-motivation and soft management plans and strategies.
  5. Introduce new procedures and frameworks for your sales environment that enable you to continually hit your targets.
We look to best-practice examples from around the world when devising your coaching and mentoring solutions.

The approaches we use are currently being used in a post-GFC environment, by successful companies across a broad range of industries and market segments. We begin by working together to set priorities and create a project plan to review the capabilities of your systems and related processes, your production capacity and order fulfilment and how well your business connects with your team and the marketplace.

Depending on your situation, our detailed investigations may cover:

  1. Economic factors
  2. Category dynamics 
  3. Competitive factors 
  4. Process development considerations 
  5. Strategic development 
  6. People development 
  7. Brand awareness 
  8. Performance management. 

The right coaching and mentoring can transform your business to be everything you dreamed of.

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