Mark Lenthall

I am a Brisbane based, business coach with a track record of working with clients to grow their business to the full potential they know in their heart and mind is possible.

As the owner of Predictable Success I help businesses scale using proven systems for sustained growth.

Having worked with businesses over the past 25 years, I have discovered that some business owners don’t have processes and systems in place. And this means they struggle with having enough time, money, growth and control. Cash flow (or lack of it) affects their business.

I work with business so they have the systems to grow their business. As a result they achieve revenue targets, improved cash flow, consistent profitability and sustainability.

Helping businesses take control of their success is at the cornerstone of what I do.

Our work has been featured on NBC, CBS, FOX and ABC.

I work with clients across Brisbane / Gold Coast, services include:

  • Business Coach / Business Coaching
  • Sales Trainer / Training
  • Business Improvement / Growth Strategist

I am the author of the book 'The Million Dollar Coach'.


Mark Lenthall is a partner with the Verity Consulting Partnership