Greg Tomkins

Greg has over 40 years experience delivering solutions to businesses, designing and implementation of computer systems for retail, manufacturing, gaming and government.


Originally Greg was a software developer and systems analyst within the power generation, manufacturing and Oil & Ga industries before moving to IT consulting working for Chartered Accounting Firms, originally as an IT Auditor and then Management Consulting. He has worked as a senior consultant with organisations such as KPMG, IBM, Unisys. Shell and Michael Hill Jewellers as well as managing projects for companies the likes of Suncorp, Bank of Queensland, Brisbane City and Gold Coast City Councils.

As a Web Architect it is Greg's responsibility for taking business ideas, plans and objectives and presenting these as a Digital Marketing or Business Solution to his clients. His role is to convert ideas into designs that match the needs and brand of the business. Whether it is a Website, Digital Marketing Strategies and Plans or a CRM Solution, Top Left Designs work with their clients to ensure the most appropriate and effective solutions ae put in place and that the client is left with no misunderstandings or misapprehension about not only what has been done but also to understand why.

Greg's particular strengths lie with Adobe Business Catalyst CMS, CRM Solutions (Zoho, Teamworks, Agile) and Coworking Space Management Solutions.


Greg Tomkins is a partner with the Verity Consulting Partnership