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Engaging a business mentor or coach is not a decision taken lightly and is one that involves many aspects one of which is TRUST in the person you choose. We don't expect this to occur without at least giving you the cance to talk to us and gain some degree of an experience in our coaching style. For this very simple reason we offer you the opportunity to "try before you buy" and have first hand experience in seeing and hearing how we work with you and understanding the manner in which we deliver our coaching sessions through a practical hands on coaching session. 

We don't expect to create any sort of miracle for you but both of us will complete the initial consultation with a much clearer understanding of each other which is crucial to the success of any ongoing coaching engagement.

We therefore suggest that you complete and submit the form below and we will respond by way of making arrangements to deliver you your first session completely obligation free. You have nothing to lose so why not do it now and work out the best time to have yoru free consulting session later.