To ensure that management and all staff are appropriately trained in the sales processes and procedures and that individual roles, responsibilities and accountabilities are aligned to these processes

The best systems and processes in the world are completely ineffective without training. Training is the glue that holds everything together and enables you to achieve consistent growth.

Sales are the lifeblood of your business, so why leave them to chance? Sales Mastery Training will get your sales team performing like a well-oiled machine, delivering consistent results you can bank on.

Sales Mastery will allow you to take advantage of past deals to win future sales. We will teach your sales team to:

  1. Understand why they are winning and losing deals!
  2. Disqualify and Qualify prospects better, increasing their conversion rate and reducing wasted time!
  3. Shorten your sales cycle – and bring in more revenue!
  4. Execute with confidence – you will see the difference in your team. They’ll enjoy their work more and you’ll keep star performers for much longer!

Why do you Need Sales Mastery Training?

  1. There is no such thing as a natural born sales person. There is a basic misconception that you’re in danger of subscribing to that anybody can go out there and just “sell”. By pushing sales staff to do this without any real system, you are setting them up for failure and setting yourself up for low results and a high turnaround.
    Sales Mastery Training will ensure your team are given the right strategies, tools and training to succeed.

  2. Some of the sales tactics your team use may be outdated and inefficient. There is a lot of information on the internet about all aspects of sales. Some of it is timeless, while some of it worked at one time, but is no longer effective. Your prospects are very different today than they were a decade ago – they are generally much better informed, less patient and more sceptical. Tricks, gimmicks and arm-twisting techniques will usually burn the lead rather than close the sale.

  3. Your sales team may not be following a good script. Having a good sales script is important – it lets your team control the sales process and steer the conversation to make a sale more inevitable.

  4. Your sales team may not be closing naturally. If they have built enough value in your offer and turned implied needs into explicit needs, the prospect will just not be ready to buy. If they then use pressure tactics to close, you will see sales falling through and have a high level of buyer remorse.
    Sales Mastery will teach them to build so much value into your offer that the close will come naturally and objections won’t be raised through the process. Your offer will fill a burning need they have and they’ll be happy to trade the money you’re asking for it.

  5. Your sales team may be missing buying signals. Sales people can miss buying signals from the prospect and talk them right out of the sale they previously talked them into. Sales Mastery Training will enable them to spot these critical buying signals and lead the prospect to a natural close.

The most common reason for inefficient sales staff is not their ability, but rather a lack of training and support within the organisation.

Sales Mastery Training Empowers Your Sales Team

So it is essential that sales staff receive regular quality training for them to be effective and to properly adhere to your processes. Training empowers them with the product and market knowledge they need to confidently answer questions and overcome objections, to close the sale.

That’s why training is one of our core strategies for creating predictable success for your organisation. We develop formal training modules that empower existing staff and are used for all new sales staff joining the organisation, to get them quickly up to speed.

You’ll quickly see the difference when good training is rolled out in your sales team. Motivation levels increase, employee engagement goes up and you attract and keep more star performers.

This is quickly reflected in your bottom line, through increased sales.

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