Blockchain - A simple explanation even your parents will understand

Blockchain - A simple explanation even your parents will understand

The problem with the latest business hype around blockchain, bitcoin and cryptocurrency is that most of us simply get lost in the jargon and techno hype and never really having any understanding of what it is they are all talking about. Of curse the other problem is that the world is now full of financial advisors and experts who preach the virtues of this technology without really understanding it all themselves.

Who should you believe, how much do you really need to know and what happens if I don't know about it... all good questions that come to mind.

Well at the very heart of it all is "blockchain technology" and contrary to what you may believe, the concept can be readily explained in a way that makes sense to even your parent. What is most interesting however is that this technology goes far beyond bitcoin or any other form of cryptocurrency... blockchain technology is likely to have a far broader impact on our lives over the forcoming years that you might have ever imagined.

For a simple explanation read the article "Here's a blockchain explanation your parents could understand" by Jamie Skella and published in teh Australian Financial Review


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