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Predictable Success helps business owners who are struggling or have plateaued, to realise their full potential and achieve the results they should be achieving.

When you put all the right systems and strategies in place, success is indeed predictable.

We recognise that Australian businesses face many challenges today and those challenges impact on the well-being of many Australian families. Small and medium business owners have put their heart and soul into a business, counting on it to provide for their family and to cash out in later in life, only to find that these dreams may never be realised.

Most are good, honest, hard working and talented individuals who have just never been taught the right strategies to make their businesses work properly. It’s just not something we’re taught in schools or as part of an apprenticeship for our trade. So business owners stumble along, working long hours and owning a job, rather than a business.

Then when they go to cash out and sell the business, they are hit by a harsh reality. Nobody wants to buy their business.

Most business owners were really trying to sell jobs. But good businesses are selling, even in this incredibly tight market.

And turning an ordinary business into an extraordinary business is where our expertise lies.


The Harsh Reality

Most businesses are not salable! According to the latest report published online by the Australian Institute of Business Brokers (AIBB), in the 2013 calendar year AIBB Members evaluated over 82,000 Businesses offered for sale and sold just 2,000 businesses.

That’s 2.4% of businesses offered for sale.

The main problem cited by brokers was the “Scarcity of profitable businesses on the market”. 


How We Can Help You

We help business owners put in the necessary strategies, systems and procedures to turn an owner/operator into a real business owner – somebody who doesn’t need to be there on a daily basis, who can run their operation remotely with key staff who have been properly trained and follow systems, taking care of everything.

This makes the business profitable, successful and an attractive proposition for any buyer.

As we go through this process, your business begins to run more and more efficiently. It literally turns into a saleable, scalable entity that you can take to any level you want.

Success becomes completely predictable!

Why Success can become Predictable for your Business

Mark Lenthall
Founder, Business Coach/Mentor

Mark Lenthall

Mark Lenthall brings real world experience to the coaching and mentoring environment. He has successfully built consistent growth for small and medium enterprises in Australia for over 25 years.

What we do for you
The missing piece of the puzzle

What we do for you

You know your business, you are an expert in your field, you produce quality and your clients or customers love it. But success still seems to elude you. We provide that missing piece of the puzzle!

Your Free Two Hour Strategy Session
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Your Free Two Hour Strategy Session

Mark will show you how to take back control of your business and be confident about consistently achieving revenue targets and profitability. Success can become predictable for your business.

Our Smart Approach


We work with you getting to the heart of what will create realistic growth for your business in a manageable way


Our systems and processes have been proven to work with all sort of businesses supporting you in achieving success in a truly supportive manner


We go byond advising you on what you should do by supporting you with various training techniques and tools we provide to help you on your journey

Meet Our team

Mark Lenthall
Kylie Chown
Greg Tomkins

Greg Tomkins

Web Architect

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