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    Your sales team can be Super Heros
    With the right Training and Motivation

    Ensuring that your sales team are trained in how to follow best practices sales growth strategies

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    With the right Systems,
    Your Success can be Predictable!

    If you run your business well, but don't enjoy the success you should,
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Why Choose Predictable Success

What We Do

Predictable Success helps you create marketplace disruption and become THE market leader in your industry. We help guide you through the minefield of challenges you will face to achieve your business goals.

We see that too many businesses aren’t realising their full sales potential and with founder Mark Lenthall’s personal experience in achieving sales growth, we found that we could provide a framework that enables these businesses to achieve substantially more than they currently do - thus increasing the overall value of the business.

We enable sales growth in our client’s businesses by helping them implement strategies, systems and processes to overcome the roadblocks and obstacles that limit their business growth.

We develop your sales staff, by empowering them with the skills and knowledge they need to embrace new systems and processes - which make their success and yours entirely predictable.

Master you business' financial success

The Million Dollar Coach

10 Secrets all business owners must know to create financial freedom by maximising your return with proven systems, strategies and processes

Take control of your business and future, make it predictable with resounding success. Give your self certainty in achieving revenue targets, consistent profitability and sustainability by using our customised business development strategies, world class sales techniques built within a proven sales strategy platform

This book will help you create marketplace disruption by leveragin the power of innovative processes

Why You Need a Business Coach or Mentor

Even the top performers use a coach or mentor

No matter how long you have been in business, whether you aea senior exective or a manager, you know that you can always improve. As an entrepeneur the challenges can be even more difficult and chalenging.

Sadly, many of you fail to achieve your full potential - not because of a lack of technical knowledge but because you invariably don't understand how to nurture your busienss through to success. Whilst passion will take you a long way it will not be enough to get you over the line.

For most of you it is a struggle down the path of hard work and hard knocks, many of you enduring this for years. It is also a lonely path for many of you.

A business coach or mentor can help you overcome the hurdles you face as a leader providing you insight and direction clearing the path from obstacles and giving you a helping hand. A coach or mentor can save you not making certain business decisions that would end in disaster, or ca help you foster beneficial partnerships, guiding you through your entrepreneurial journey. You’re basically tapping into the knowledge and experience of someone who has already built a successful business or achieved what you’re trying to achieve.

About us & FAQ's

Predictable Success results from Action and Accountability!

When you work with Predictable Success, you’ll find we’re action and results orientated.

We don’t work on theory, we take action, armed with real world experience. We’ve been in the trenches and achieved success – and we encourage and support our clients to do the same.

When someone chooses to work with us, we expect them to take action – to do everything necessary to achieve the results they desire. And we hold them accountable for that action.

We don’t expect every business owner to be comfortable in this environment – Just those who desire success enough, to want to do what it takes to achieve it!

My business is moving ahead … but not fast enough. How do I identify the issues that are holding it back from its full potential?

Mark Lenthall will work with you to establish clear cut goals before identifying the steps required to implement business growth strategies and secure profit potential in a sustainable and realistic way.

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I have a challenge getting customers and staff to really understand what I’m trying to tell them. Can you help me get my message across?

Communication is a skill we don’t really learn in school and so many business owners have this problem – It starts with the way we listen. We’re listening to ‘reply’, rather than to ‘understand’. Mark Lenthall will work with you to develop a common unifying language that addresses both internal and external communication challenges.

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My business was really moving ahead for a while, but lately things have just plateaued. How can I push through to the next level?

It’s human nature for staff and management to get comfortable with their surroundings and ‘settle into a groove’ and produce less than optimal outcomes. What you need is a fresh perspective and some motivational tools to get your people focused and achieving their best. Compromise often gets in the way of making truly outstanding decisions and from time to time gridlock looms. Mark Lenthall will work with you to identify a fresh perspective and get your people focused and motivated.

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I know we’re capable of achieving more, but we rarely hit the targets I’m aiming for. How can we achieve our goals consistently?


Using such practices as self-determination, self-awareness and self-management, Mark Lenthall will develop a unifying proposition to enable you to improve, achieve and maintain a high-performance results focused culture. He will implement strategies and interventions techniques based on best practice and current research aimed at improving KPI‘s which are predetermined and measurable and that support transparent accountability and responsibility across the entire team.

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I’m so busy working IN my business that I don’t get time to work ON it. How do I regain control as well as find time for my personal life?

By analysing your business systems and culture Mark Lenthall will customise a clear and repeatable solution for your business that outlines a plan for achieving goals consistently and sustainably. It will include the processes, strategies and framework to enable your business to grow and predict future success.

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I think I’ve got a pretty good sales team, but I know they can do better. How do I empower them to achieve their best?

Mark Lenthall will prescribe strategies for building high performance teams, to unlock the hidden potential that exist within your sales team and empower them with knowledge, skills and self-belief to realise results never before thought possible.

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Q & A For Sales Professionals

Q & A For Sales Professionals

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Do You Have a Process Driven Selling System That Delivers Predictable Results

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A "Sales Funnel", or a "Pipeline" which is Best for your CRM

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